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How to make the most of your travel memories

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – St. Augustine. Whether it’s half the world or half an hour away, here at Square Snaps HQ we think travel broadens your mind…and means that you can get some amazing photos! To inspire you we’ve collected together some of our favourite travel photos from awesome Instagrammers from all over the world, and then we’ve got an awesome way for you to display them. And…it’s BLACK FRIDAY tomorrow, so there’s even more reason to print them. Keep your eyes peeled for our discounts…

Explore with Ollie – @explorewithollie

We think it’s actually impossible not to love seeing the adventures of Ollie…we don’t even get jealous because he’s just so cute that it almost distracts us from our usual feelings of wanderlust. We would absolutely love to go travelling with him. Tip for your own travels – take your dog with you! You’ll get amazing photos to print and we reckon by the end of it you’ll have some great stories too.


Hand Luggage Only – @handluggageonly

Yaya and Lloyd’s Instagram account should come with a warning – you will experience extreme feelings of wanderlust before you even hit ‘Load more’. We guarantee as soon as you see their photos you will want to explore more of the world! Head over to their blog for even more tips on how to show off your travel memories, featuring our snaps and some awesome wall art from our sister site WallSnaps too!

travel instagram photos

From Hand Luggage Only

The Planet D – @theplanetd

For some seriously awesome photography – the kind of moments you don’t ever want to lose – check out The Planet D. Imagine the photo wall that they could create with that many awesome snaps!

So, you ask…now that you’ve inspired me to go on my travels, what shall I do with all the amazing photos I’ve taken along the way? We’ve got the perfect idea – our DIY Travel Scrapbook! Click here to see a step by step of how to create your own, and as it’s Black Friday tomorrow you can order even more!

travel instagram scrapbook

3 Ways To Use Photo Stickers Over The Festive Period

Here at Square Snaps HQ we’ve become stuck on our personalised stickers…if you took a walk into our office you’d see what we mean, they’re kind of taking over! And for this festive season we’ve got 3 fun ideas for how you can use yours!

A sticker memory jar

diy sticker idea - cookie jar

Whether you’re creating a gift for a friend or want a Christmassy decoration which is a little different, our sticker jar is the one for you! You can use any size or shape of jar and add as many stickers as you want! We filled our jar with cookies to keep around the office (for approximately two days until the squirrels found them). For a friend or loved one, we like the idea of filling the jar with little things which remind you of them, and then adding stickers of them on the front. You could create an individual one for each member of your family to give them something truly personal!


A personalised scrapbook

diy sticker ideas

A gift which you’ve really put some thought into always goes down well, especially at Christmas when there are so many presents to buy at once! So take some time and make your favourite people a personalised scrapbook. Print all the amazing memories which you’ve made with them throughout the year (maybe you’ve been on holiday together or just had some amazing parties!) and add them to a scrapbook along with little notes and dates! Our stickers make it super simple to build up the pages! You could even use to make snaps with funny little quotes on!


Holiday dinner decorations

diy festive sticker ideas - personalised drink stirrers

Throwing a Christmas dinner party? Well we’ve got the perfect thing to make your event stand out! We’ve used our Mini Sticky Snaps to create personalised drink stirrers…so you can always keep hold of your own mulled wine! All you need to do is take two of our personalised stickers, and then peel the backs off and stick them to each other to make a double sided photo! That way you’ll be able to find your drink wherever you are!

And because it’s a Christmas blog, we’ve got one extra little idea for you! Aren’t we kind? If you fancy making something super sparkly and exciting this Christmas, why not try our DIY Metallic Photo Hanging Display? Don’t forget to tag us @square_snaps so that we can see all your awesome creations! Who are you planning on making gifts for?

diy christmas gift ideas

5 DIY Christmas Gifts For Each Family Member

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas preparations can officially begin…but thinking of the perfect present for everyone can feel you leaving less than excited at the prospect. Fear not, Square Snappers, we have the perfect ideas for you. So don your elf hat, grab a hot chocolate, turn up the Christmas playlist and prepare to be inspired…

DIY Christmas Gift 1 – For Dad – Memory Gift Box

DIY Christmas gift idea 1 - box of memories

Image from @jacsillie on Instagram

Okay before you point out that this does not look like the kind of box your Dad would like…it’s the idea that we’re going for! Creating a memory gift box will work for any occasion, and makes your present extra personal. For Dad we’d suggest adding his little favourite things, and things which remind you of him too. Then glue some string or twine to the top corners of the box and add some of our Mini Pola Snaps with small pegs – what could be simpler! Or, if you’d rather, you could glue the snaps in to make the lid into a collage.

If you’re using this idea for a number of your family members, then check out our Big Mini Pola Pack – 100 Mini Polas for just £20.99!


DIY Christmas Gift 2 – For your sibling – Name stand or notebook

Image from @embeales on Instagram

Image from @embeales on Instagram

For your sibling we’ve got not one but TWO ideas – aren’t you lucky?! The first is a DIY name stand which we totally love. You could make a variation on this by spelling out your sibling’s nickname rather than their initials to make this more personal. Although we’ve saved this one as an idea for your brother or sister, it would work for any member of your family – and your friends too! And, depending on the shape you’re creating you can use any of our snaps! We’d recommend our Mini Snaps to fit even more photo memories in!

diy christmas gift idea 2 - personalised notebook

Image from @brianaxlee on Instagram

If you don’t feel like creating your sibling’s initials from wood or card (or buying them of course) then we have option two – the personalised notebook. If your sibling is still in school or college then this is the perfect personalised gift, but it would work for any age! This is super simple as well, which we love. You can either buy a notebook with adhesive covers, or alternatively just stick the snaps on with glue. That way your brother or sister can see their favourite memories and quotes all day long! Our Summer Pola Snaps make this notebook give us throwback-to-the-sun vibes!


DIY Christmas Gift 3 – For Mum – personalised gift wrapping

DIY christmas gift idea - personalised wrapping paper

It has to be said that Mum’s are probably the easiest of family members to buy for (because ‘it’s the thought that counts’). So, rather than think about the actual gift you could give her, we’d thought we’d give you an idea on how you can wrap it to make it extra special! The great thing about personalising your wrapping is that you can use this for any kind of gift, and it just gives that extra touch of personality.

To do this, start off by printing your Mum’s favourite memories. You can use any kind of snaps to do this, but we’d recommend using snaps in a size proportionate to your parcel – for example, Autumn Mini Polas for those smaller packages, and Super Snaps for any monster parcels! Our Gold Polaroid Style Snaps work amazingly for any kind of parcel too, and really fit in with that Christmassy vibe!

Once you’ve printed your snaps, all you need to do is choose your favourite kind of wrapping paper, and wrap up that parcel! Add some string, ribbon or twine, depending on the look you’re going for, and tie it around the parcel. Then, using a small peg attach your snaps to the string – ta-dah! For another twist, you could make a small hole in the edge of your photo and thread the string through this before tying to ensure that this doesn’t get lost in transit!


DIY Christmas Gift 4 – For your Grandparents – a framed display

diy christmas gift idea - diy photo frame idea for grandparents

Image from @imcarajane on Instagram

One of Grandparents’ favourite things is to have tons of photos of their grandchildren (and children, of course). So this Christmas, why not create your Grandparents a framed photo display? We absolutely love this example from Instagram using our Polaroid Style Snaps! You can do this with any kind of frame, whether you want to make a timeline of amazing memories you’ve shared or a collection of times you know they’d like to treasure.


DIY Christmas Gift 5 – For your partner – Polaroid style frame

diy christmas gift - photo hanging display

Image from @charl_lep_91 on Instagram

Last but not least, we thought it was only right to include a present idea for your partner – we don’t want them feeling left out! We love this idea of creating a feature display of all your favourite memories together. And, it means you get to enjoy it too! To create this, all you need is the outside of a frame, some string or twine, your Square Snaps and some small pegs. Once you’ve got everything together, simply attach string to either side of the inside of your frame with glue, until you’ve got a number of rows. Then, all you need to do is attach your snaps (Original Squares were used in this example) with small pegs and voila!

We hope our list of 5 DIY Christmas gifts has given you a little inspiration to start you off with your holiday preparations, and that you’ve managed to sip your way through a hot chocolate by now! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspiration with us on social media @square_snaps  – we always love to see how you’re using your snaps!

creative instagram accounts

5 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Creativity

It’s the 1st of November – Halloween is officially over (BOO hoo) but Christmas is still a little way off and you’re not sure whether to start blasting Mariah Carey just yet. It can feel like there’s not much going on around this time of year, so we’ve come up with our favourite 5 Instagram accounts to boost your creativity…you’re very welcome!

Sam Ushiro – @aww.sam

creative instagram accounts to follow - aww sam

Image from @aww.sam on Instagram

Okay, so we know this is a Halloween photo…but it was just too cool not to feature, and was a perfect example of Sam’s amazing and creative ideas. If you recognise her style, it may be because we featured her account in our 5 Colour-filled Instagram Accounts To Follow blog post – we’re big fans! As creativity goes, she has enough for the whole of Instagram, so her account is a pretty good place to start!


Lucy Litman – @lucialitman

creative instagram - pantone ideas lucia litman

Image from @lucialitman on Instagram

Lucy takes everyday objects (usually food, which we’re totally okay with) and matches them with Pantone shades. Add to that her photos of quotes, which we find kind of motivational, like “WHATEVER, I’M GETTING CHEESE FRIES” from Mean Girls, and it’s the perfect account for showing you that there can be fun found in the things which may seem average!


Gemma Correll – @gemmacorrell

creative instagram accounts - gemma correll

Image from @gemmacorrell on Instagram

We’re sure that unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have seen Gemma Correll’s amazing illustrations. She gives a totally different perspective on things with her play on words (as you can see here). If you fancy a giggle then this is definitely one to check out – we will officially be calling Monday ‘Mondae’ from now!


Andrew Knapp – @andrewknapp

creative instagram accounts - andrew knapp

Image from @andrewknapp on Instagram

Andrew and his dog, Momo, will certainly inspire you to go out into the wild to seek some creativity, even if you don’t always feel like going outside! Andrew has created an awesome version of Where’s Wally with Momo – definitely head over to his account for a daily dose of ‘aww’

creative instagram - andrew knapp 2

Image from @andrewknapp on Instagram

Ramzy – @space.ram

creative instagram - space ram ramzy

Image from @space.ram on Instagram

Ramzy reimagines original photographs (often by Instagrammers that he loves) and turns them into amazing rainbow-unicorn-coloured snaps! You know how we feel about unicorns, so obviously we are super excited about this! If rainbow unicorn magical things are an interest of yours too (which, if they aren’t, they should be!) then check out our Spectrum Pola Snaps…you won’t be disappointed!

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration with our 5 favourite creative blogs to help you beat the post-Halloween-pre-Christmas blues! Get outside (or stay in) and get snapping! Don’t forget to tag us @square_snaps too!

halloween wedding ideas - use our halloween polaroid style snaps

Top 5 Halloween Wedding Ideas

Have you ever thought, Halloween is so great that I should make it the theme of one of the most important days of my life? Well…neither have we, but we do love some of the amazing ideas which some people have! So, if you’re in the mood for a spooky ceremony, keep reading for our top 5 favourite Halloween wedding ideas!

A dead-ringer (literally) for romance

halloween wedding idea 1 - coffin ring box

Image from via Pinterest

So your partner loves Halloween but you’re not that into having the whole day based around it? Get in there first by making it the theme of your proposal instead! We think this coffin ring box is brilliant – way to bring the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing to the front of your mind! Or, if you do want to use this for the big day, use it as the box for your ring bearers to use!


Give your table plan a bit of bite

halloween wedding idea 2 - dracula fang place holders

Image from BuzzFeed via Pinterest

Fan of Dracula? These silver fangs would be the perfect thing to hold your terrifying table plan! And, to make this even more petrifyingly personalised, why not use photos of your guests instead of their names? Our Mini Snaps would be perfect for this! Or to keep with the Halloween theme, why not try our Autumn Mini Polas – they’re the perfect colours for your 31st October wedding!


Perfect pumpkin pictures

halloween wedding idea 3 - pumpkin decorations

Image from via Pinterest

Whether you call them pumpkins of jack-o’-lanterns, make sure you make the most of this Halloween staple in your wedding photos! And, to make your snaps even spookier you can print them on our Halloween Polaroid Style Snaps – no one else will have an album as awesome as you!

halloween wedding idea - photos with pumpkins

Image from Huffington Post via Pinterest


Creepy cakes and meddlesome menus

halloween wedding ideas - creepy cupcakes

Image from Domestic Gothess via Pinterest

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about the idea of Halloween-themed cake at a wedding, but we figured it’s a pretty big part of the day (well to us it would be anyway!) so we’d better include it! What are your thoughts on these creepy creations? If you’re having a zombie wedding then these might just work for you!

halloween wedding idea - creepy cake

Image from

halloween wedding idea - coffin menu board

Image from Rock n Roll Bride via Pinterest

Cakes aside, having your menu displayed in this way is a great way to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises (no more than there should be, anyway!) And this beer cooler will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!

Halloween wedding ideas - coffin beer cooler

Image from Amanda Pietraszewski via Pinterest

Dramatic dresses

halloween wedding ideas - dramatic dresses

Image from Style Me Pretty via Pinterest

Another very important aspect of the day which we simply couldn’t miss out…the dress! If you’re having a Halloween-inspired wedding then your guests may be expecting something purple and green in honour of all those classic witch costumes. But, never fear! You can keep it classic by adding just a hint of the Halloween feel to your dress. We’re loving the black lace and tulle details which take this dress from Halloween horror to wedding wow.
And there we have it – our 5 favourite Halloween wedding ideas! Are any of you going to be planning a Halloween wedding for next year? Or maybe you’re having one this year? Let us know in the comments below!

halloween party decoration ideas

Top 6 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Here at the Square Snaps office, we’re all about arts and crafts (who doesn’t like to spend their day making cute things?!) And as Halloween is fast approaching, we thought we’d round up 6 of our favourite Halloween party decoration ideas so you can have some arts and crafts fun too! Here are our 6 faves!

Halloween Balloons (or Boo-lloons!)

We love this idea because it’s so diverse! You could decorate balloon ghosts, balloon pumpkins, balloon monsters – you get the picture, BALLOONS! You can make these as simple or as complex and exciting as you’d like…use a Sharpie and a stencil to keep it simple or add cut out paper shapes as wings for bats or screws for Frankenstein to make a real show (and heart) stopper! We love the idea of adding Original Squares to the bottom of the strings and using them as invites with each of your guests faces on!

halloween party decoration - halloween balloons

Image from Brit + Co on Pinterest

Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Not only do these make for amazing Halloween party decorations, but they can be used for games too! And all you need are some tin cans and a bit of paint – what could be easier? Just make sure that all sharp edges are sanded down before the painting begins! You can paint your cans however you like – the little black cat is our favourite! Or add a little texture like on this mummy for something extra. Then once you’re done and they’re all dry, pile them up and you’ve got DIY bowling – kids will love it!

Halloween Party Decoration - Tin can bowling

Halloween Food Display

DIY and food? Okay, now we’re talking! We love this idea of adding little notes to your Halloween themed food. After all, the difference between grape monster eyes and olive monster eyes could be, well…monstrous! To make this even cuter (or spookier depending on the design you use) we headed over to Canva to design some simple but effective Halloween food labels. Print them on our Mini Snaps or even Mini Sticky Snaps for awesome additions to your party food table!

Halloween Party Decoration - Decorating your party food table

Image from One Little Project on Pinterest

Halloween party decoration - create your own displays

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

These are so simple to make, and look amazing, especially when you hang lots together! All you need is a plastic bottle, some styrofoam balls, glue, thread and some spare white fabric! Oh, and some googly eyes (or just a pen to draw some on). We love the idea of hanging them from doorways at different heights so that you have to walk through them – spooooooky!

Halloween party decoration - hanging ghost decorations

Image from coco29 on Pinterest

Ghostly Halloween Cupcakes

It wouldn’t be a Square Snaps blog post if we didn’t mention food at least once! To finish off your awesome Halloween party decoration mission, you simply have to have some creepy cupcakes. After all, we’ve already made the creepy cupcake sign for you to use as a display for them! These ghostly cupcake are super simple to make – just use any kind of base you would like and then swirl on your terrifying topping. Add some little chocolate chips or just use piping icing for eyes and a ‘BOO’ shaped mouth and you’re done!

Halloween party decoration - ghost cupcakes

Image from Family Holiday on Pinterest

Halloween Bunting

For an extra personal Halloween party decoration idea, why not try creating some of our Halloween bunting? To make ours, all we used were our Autumn Mini Polas and some scary skeleton fairy lights! Just add your snaps to the space in between the lights with a peg and you can hang these up all over your house for the perfect Halloween party decoration! We personalised ours even more by adding some writing to the bottom with a Sharpie!

halloween party decoration idea - halloween bunting

We hope we haven’t terrified you with our tantalising tricks and treats, and our demon decorations – we’re sure there’s something here for everyone to try out! Or go the whole hog and use all 6 ideas! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps so that we can see your creepy creations. And why not use our Pola Pack to print all those amazing memories once the party has passed?! Happy Halloween!

autumn holiday destinations - new england

Our Top 5 Autumn Holiday Destinations

So you’ve got until the 21st of December (when Winter officially begins) to make the most of Autumn. So make it count, and head off to one of our five favourite Autumn holiday destinations! After all, in the words of Jon Snow, Winter is coming…

Calabria, Italy

With high temperatures being between 26 and 22 degrees, we’d definitely take Calabria over Cornwall once it gets to October! In the boot of Italy (and who doesn’t love shoes) it offers medieval architecture and beautiful scenery without the madness of Italy in August.

autumn holiday destinations - calabria, italy

The Lake District, UK

It’s fab to travel to new places, but that doesn’t always mean hopping on a plane…so we thought we’d feature somewhere right here in the UK. If you haven’t yet made it to the Lake District, we’d highly recommend you go…and the Autumn leaves will make your photos even more beautiful! After all, it’s the season which inspired our Autumn Mini Polas!

autumn holiday destinations - lake district, uk

New England, USA

New England in the fall – it’s famous for its amazing leaves which will cover, well, everywhere! The best time to see them is mid-October, so drop what you’re doing and get going now! Or if you’re not ready to board a plane today, then we’ve heard it’s also absolutely amazing in the Winter! We think our Silver Polaroid Style Snaps would look beautiful with all those snow photos you’d snap!

autumn holiday destinations - new england, usa

Seville, Spain

During the summer months the heat can get a little overwhelming in Seville…which is why we’d recommend waiting to explore until Autumn! In October the average temperature is still a lovely 26 degrees, which is definitely not to be sniffed at in comparison to England at this time! You’ll find fiestas, tapas and Flamenco dancing – plenty of opportunities to make some amazing memories to print when you get home!

autumn holiday destinations - seville, spainMarrakech, Morocco

With the average temperature at a gorgeous 27 degrees, Marrakech is perfect to visit in the Autumn months. If you don’t mind hustle and bustle as part of your holiday then this is a great place to take in some culture. If you do want a little slice of tranquility though, try staying in a riad – be warned though, you might get so comfy that you won’t want to leave!

autumn holiday destinations - marrakech

We hope we’ve inspired you to remove your scarves and don your sunglasses this Autumn…let us know what your plans are by commenting below!

5 amazing ways to keep hold of your baby’s memories

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting things that will happen in your life (unless you’ve seen a unicorn, then that might take number 1 spot). Here at Square Snaps we know how important it is to keep these memories precious, which is why we’ve got 5 awesome ways to keep hold of these baby memories!

Baby photo idea 1 – DIY Memory Book

baby photo idea 1 - diy memory book

When you’ve just had your baby it can be hard to remember whether you’ve eaten, let alone to think of doing a little craft project. But, once you’re a bit more settled it’s lovely to look back on those times (hectic though they were!) That’s where the DIY memory book comes in. Print out all your photos from the life of your baby so far and make a scrapbook of them, adding in little anecdotes and notes about funny (or maybe just stressful but that seem funny now) things that happened in this special time! 

Baby photo idea 2 – Make a feature wall

Make a photo feature wall for your baby's room

Image from @the_mcclooos on Instagram

Decorating your baby’s room is often something which happens before they arrive…but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it! We absolutely love the way that @the_mcclooos laid out the feature wall for their baby! If you’re thinking of adding Framed Prints too then our sister site WallSnaps is the perfect solution!

Baby photo idea 3 – Take a trip back in time

baby photo ideas - take a trip back in time

Image from @oliver_and_me_ on Instagram

So maybe this isn’t a project as such, but sometimes it’s just nice to print the photos from all those special moments and spend some time going back through them – we keep stacks of them all around the place for little ‘aww’ moments at different points of the day.

Baby photo idea 4 – Celebrate their 1st birthday with some photo fun!

baby photo idea 5 - birthday display

Image from @hectorbuzzwells on Instagram

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is an important milestone, so why not create a display of their photos from just one day old to one year, like @hectorbuzzwells or @emilyandindiana? Use our Big Mini Pola Pack and print 100 memories for just £20.99!

baby photo idea 4 - celebrating a first birthday

Image from @emilyandindiana on Instagram

Baby photo idea 5 – Create timeline bunting

baby photo idea 5 - creating a timeline

Image from @chloeuberkid on Instagram

There are tons of things we love about this photo from @chloeuberkid, but the photo bunting going on has to be our favourite! We love the idea of creating a kind of photo timeline by using your snaps as bunting…from those tiny baby photos right up until now. The great thing about this idea is that you can add on to it as your child grows up – simply add more rows! Our Pola Pack works especially well for this!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 ideas of what to do with your baby photos! Don’t forget to share how you’re displaying your photos with us on Instagram!

diy travel scrapbook - the finished product

DIY Travel Scrapbook

Travel memories feel like they will last forever. But just to make extra sure they do, we’ve got some tips and tricks for how to create your own awesome travel scrapbook – to allow you to keep those memories alive even after the smell of suntan lotion has disappeared.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favourite travel photo prints, courtesy of Square Snaps of course!
  • Other memory-evoking additions – think train tickets, coins etc.
  • A scrapbook/sketchbook/notepad
  • Washi tape
  • Pens
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape

diy travel scrapbook - what you need

Now that you’ve gathered together all your favourite memories and are armed with everything you need to begin, here’s how to create your own DIY travel scrapbook!

Revisit those good times

This is our absolute favourite part – looking back over all your travel photos and choosing which ones to print. Once you’ve decided photos you want to feature in your travel scrapbook, it couldn’t be easier to print them with us! When creating a personalised scrapbook, we like to use snaps of all different sizes and colours…from our pastel coloured Retro Mini Pola Prints to our Black Super Snaps! Or, if you really want to make your travel photos stand out from the crowd, why not try our Spectrum Pola Snaps? You won’t find them anywhere else!

diy travel scrapbook - print your photos


Got more than a few memories to print? Go wild with our Pola Pack – 100 Polaroid Style Prints for just £25.99.

Make your travel scrapbook awesome on the outside too!

Once you’ve chosen the scrapbook that you’re going to use to hold all your travel memories, start by covering the outside! With our Mini Sticky Snaps it couldn’t be easier – just choose your photos and stick them on. You can stick these inside too but we loved the effect of having our snaps all over our book – inside and out!

Feeling sophisticated? Our Black Mini Sticky Snaps might just be the ones for you!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your notebook

Washi tape time!

Our favourite way to stick in all our travel memories? Washi tape of course! You can get all different colours and patterns so have a shop around and choose a few different types – maybe a different pattern for each country you’ve visited?

diy photo scrapbook - washi tape in your photos

Stick some more!

As well as adding amazing travel photos, we included some extra little touches to our scrapbook. Tickets for trains, planes, and events that you’ve been to while you’ve been in different countries are all great things to stick in and make your memories complete. And, if you have things which are a little too heavy to be stuck in with washi tape (like coins!) then double-sided sticky tape works well for this too!

diy travel scrapbook - stick in your memories

Decorate, decorate, decorate

Once you’ve added in all your snaps it’s time to decorate your pages! Add dates, locations or just little notes about your favourite food or place that you visited there! We like to add personal quotes or in-jokes if you’re making the travel scrapbook as a gift for a friend too!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your scrapbook

Tip: if you want to write on your snaps, we’d recommend a Sharpie or another kind of permanent pen those notes as permanent as the memories!

…And there you have it! Your own beautiful travel scrapbook – perfect for keeping hold of all those once in a lifetime travel photos! Whether you’re creating it as a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself (because, hey, you deserve it) don’t forget to share with us @square_snaps! Unless it’s a surprise in which case don’t!

polaroid style photo idea - photo display

4 Awesome Ways To Use Your Polaroid Style Photos

One of the best things about printing people’s precious memories is being able to see how they are used – you guys sure have some awesome ideas! Sharing is caring, so we’re sharing some of our absolute favourite ideas of how to use Polaroid Style Photos with you!

Transform your workspace

Whether you’re in your uni room, at work, or just want to make your working space at home a little more exciting, this pinboard full of Polaroid Style prints is the perfect solution. We love the idea of mixing up your own board with a variety of prints too – our Summer Polaroid Style Snaps always bring back that summer feeling, and Retro Mini Polas make every board look cuter!

polaroid style photo idea 1


And, if you’re after a little inspiration in your workspace (or anywhere for that matter) then our DIY Inspiration Board has to be the one for you!

polaroid style photo diy inspiration board


Mark a big moment

Weddings, graduations, making it to the weekend…big occasions are important to mark properly! But one of the most important (not that we’re sure many of you remember your own) is your first birthday! We absolutely loved seeing this display made using our Mini Pola photo prints which goes right through from day one to one year – n’aww!

polaroid style photo idea 2 - mark big moments



Best friend heading off to university or college soon? Or maybe it’s just a special birthday coming up? Or maybe…you just want them to feel super special (like a unicorn). Whatever the reason, a personal scrapbook is always a great way to share the love. Use our Mini Snaps if you want to have more photos per scrapbook page, or go for our Original Squares for a classic look!

If you want to make your snaps that little bit more personal, you could also write on the space at the bottom of our Polaroid Style Prints using a Sharpie, making a note of all the best memories so that you can remember the date and place they were made! Or, include little inside jokes and quotes to make your friend smile whenever they look at them. Our Pola Pack also might be handy if you have more than 100 memories…and if you’re anything like us then you will! “Remember, this? Aww! Remember that? No? Well, let’s put it in anyway”

polaroid style photo idea - scrapbooking


polaroid style photo idea 3 -scrapbooking


Check out more of our favourite scrapbooking tips here too!

Travel back in time…to your travels!

Photo displays of any kind are great, but this particular example has to be one of our favourites of all time! And, you could easily make your own photo map display – this amazing one has been made with white Polaroid Style Prints with a black silhouette overlaid, but we think it would look awesome using our Spectrum Pola Snaps too! One for every country that you’ve visited would be a really great way to make a statement with your photos in your home!

polaroid style photo idea 4 - travel photos


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for how to use your Polaroid Style Snaps! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps and you might see your ideas here next time – yay!