halloween party decoration ideas

Top 6 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Here at the Square Snaps office, we’re all about arts and crafts (who doesn’t like to spend their day making cute things?!) And as Halloween is fast approaching, we thought we’d round up 6 of our favourite Halloween party decoration ideas so you can have some arts and crafts fun too! Here are our 6 faves!

Halloween Balloons (or Boo-lloons!)

We love this idea because it’s so diverse! You could decorate balloon ghosts, balloon pumpkins, balloon monsters – you get the picture, BALLOONS! You can make these as simple or as complex and exciting as you’d like…use a Sharpie and a stencil to keep it simple or add cut out paper shapes as wings for bats or screws for Frankenstein to make a real show (and heart) stopper! We love the idea of adding Original Squares to the bottom of the strings and using them as invites with each of your guests faces on!

halloween party decoration - halloween balloons

Image from Brit + Co on Pinterest

Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Not only do these make for amazing Halloween party decorations, but they can be used for games too! And all you need are some tin cans and a bit of paint – what could be easier? Just make sure that all sharp edges are sanded down before the painting begins! You can paint your cans however you like – the little black cat is our favourite! Or add a little texture like on this mummy for something extra. Then once you’re done and they’re all dry, pile them up and you’ve got DIY bowling – kids will love it!

Halloween Party Decoration - Tin can bowling

Halloween Food Display

DIY and food? Okay, now we’re talking! We love this idea of adding little notes to your Halloween themed food. After all, the difference between grape monster eyes and olive monster eyes could be, well…monstrous! To make this even cuter (or spookier depending on the design you use) we headed over to Canva to design some simple but effective Halloween food labels. Print them on our Mini Snaps or even Mini Sticky Snaps for awesome additions to your party food table!

Halloween Party Decoration - Decorating your party food table

Image from One Little Project on Pinterest

Halloween party decoration - create your own displays

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

These are so simple to make, and look amazing, especially when you hang lots together! All you need is a plastic bottle, some styrofoam balls, glue, thread and some spare white fabric! Oh, and some googly eyes (or just a pen to draw some on). We love the idea of hanging them from doorways at different heights so that you have to walk through them – spooooooky!

Halloween party decoration - hanging ghost decorations

Image from coco29 on Pinterest

Ghostly Halloween Cupcakes

It wouldn’t be a Square Snaps blog post if we didn’t mention food at least once! To finish off your awesome Halloween party decoration mission, you simply have to have some creepy cupcakes. After all, we’ve already made the creepy cupcake sign for you to use as a display for them! These ghostly cupcake are super simple to make – just use any kind of base you would like and then swirl on your terrifying topping. Add some little chocolate chips or just use piping icing for eyes and a ‘BOO’ shaped mouth and you’re done!

Halloween party decoration - ghost cupcakes

Image from Family Holiday on Pinterest

Halloween Bunting

For an extra personal Halloween party decoration idea, why not try creating some of our Halloween bunting? To make ours, all we used were our Autumn Mini Polas and some scary skeleton fairy lights! Just add your snaps to the space in between the lights with a peg and you can hang these up all over your house for the perfect Halloween party decoration! We personalised ours even more by adding some writing to the bottom with a Sharpie!

halloween party decoration idea - halloween bunting

We hope we haven’t terrified you with our tantalising tricks and treats, and our demon decorations – we’re sure there’s something here for everyone to try out! Or go the whole hog and use all 6 ideas! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps so that we can see your creepy creations. And why not use our Pola Pack to print all those amazing memories once the party has passed?! Happy Halloween!

autumn holiday destinations - new england

Our Top 5 Autumn Holiday Destinations

So you’ve got until the 21st of December (when Winter officially begins) to make the most of Autumn. So make it count, and head off to one of our five favourite Autumn holiday destinations! After all, in the words of Jon Snow, Winter is coming…

Calabria, Italy

With high temperatures being between 26 and 22 degrees, we’d definitely take Calabria over Cornwall once it gets to October! In the boot of Italy (and who doesn’t love shoes) it offers medieval architecture and beautiful scenery without the madness of Italy in August.

autumn holiday destinations - calabria, italy

The Lake District, UK

It’s fab to travel to new places, but that doesn’t always mean hopping on a plane…so we thought we’d feature somewhere right here in the UK. If you haven’t yet made it to the Lake District, we’d highly recommend you go…and the Autumn leaves will make your photos even more beautiful! After all, it’s the season which inspired our Autumn Mini Polas!

autumn holiday destinations - lake district, uk

New England, USA

New England in the fall – it’s famous for its amazing leaves which will cover, well, everywhere! The best time to see them is mid-October, so drop what you’re doing and get going now! Or if you’re not ready to board a plane today, then we’ve heard it’s also absolutely amazing in the Winter! We think our Silver Polaroid Style Snaps would look beautiful with all those snow photos you’d snap!

autumn holiday destinations - new england, usa

Seville, Spain

During the summer months the heat can get a little overwhelming in Seville…which is why we’d recommend waiting to explore until Autumn! In October the average temperature is still a lovely 26 degrees, which is definitely not to be sniffed at in comparison to England at this time! You’ll find fiestas, tapas and Flamenco dancing – plenty of opportunities to make some amazing memories to print when you get home!

autumn holiday destinations - seville, spainMarrakech, Morocco

With the average temperature at a gorgeous 27 degrees, Marrakech is perfect to visit in the Autumn months. If you don’t mind hustle and bustle as part of your holiday then this is a great place to take in some culture. If you do want a little slice of tranquility though, try staying in a riad – be warned though, you might get so comfy that you won’t want to leave!

autumn holiday destinations - marrakech

We hope we’ve inspired you to remove your scarves and don your sunglasses this Autumn…let us know what your plans are by commenting below!

5 amazing ways to keep hold of your baby’s memories

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting things that will happen in your life (unless you’ve seen a unicorn, then that might take number 1 spot). Here at Square Snaps we know how important it is to keep these memories precious, which is why we’ve got 5 awesome ways to keep hold of these baby memories!

Baby photo idea 1 – DIY Memory Book

baby photo idea 1 - diy memory book

When you’ve just had your baby it can be hard to remember whether you’ve eaten, let alone to think of doing a little craft project. But, once you’re a bit more settled it’s lovely to look back on those times (hectic though they were!) That’s where the DIY memory book comes in. Print out all your photos from the life of your baby so far and make a scrapbook of them, adding in little anecdotes and notes about funny (or maybe just stressful but that seem funny now) things that happened in this special time! 

Baby photo idea 2 – Make a feature wall

Make a photo feature wall for your baby's room

Image from @the_mcclooos on Instagram

Decorating your baby’s room is often something which happens before they arrive…but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it! We absolutely love the way that @the_mcclooos laid out the feature wall for their baby! If you’re thinking of adding Framed Prints too then our sister site WallSnaps is the perfect solution!

Baby photo idea 3 – Take a trip back in time

baby photo ideas - take a trip back in time

Image from @oliver_and_me_ on Instagram

So maybe this isn’t a project as such, but sometimes it’s just nice to print the photos from all those special moments and spend some time going back through them – we keep stacks of them all around the place for little ‘aww’ moments at different points of the day.

Baby photo idea 4 – Celebrate their 1st birthday with some photo fun!

baby photo idea 5 - birthday display

Image from @hectorbuzzwells on Instagram

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is an important milestone, so why not create a display of their photos from just one day old to one year, like @hectorbuzzwells or @emilyandindiana? Use our Big Mini Pola Pack and print 100 memories for just £20.99!

baby photo idea 4 - celebrating a first birthday

Image from @emilyandindiana on Instagram

Baby photo idea 5 – Create timeline bunting

baby photo idea 5 - creating a timeline

Image from @chloeuberkid on Instagram

There are tons of things we love about this photo from @chloeuberkid, but the photo bunting going on has to be our favourite! We love the idea of creating a kind of photo timeline by using your snaps as bunting…from those tiny baby photos right up until now. The great thing about this idea is that you can add on to it as your child grows up – simply add more rows! Our Pola Pack works especially well for this!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 ideas of what to do with your baby photos! Don’t forget to share how you’re displaying your photos with us on Instagram!

diy travel scrapbook - the finished product

DIY Travel Scrapbook

Travel memories feel like they will last forever. But just to make extra sure they do, we’ve got some tips and tricks for how to create your own awesome travel scrapbook – to allow you to keep those memories alive even after the smell of suntan lotion has disappeared.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favourite travel photo prints, courtesy of Square Snaps of course!
  • Other memory-evoking additions – think train tickets, coins etc.
  • A scrapbook/sketchbook/notepad
  • Washi tape
  • Pens
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape

diy travel scrapbook - what you need

Now that you’ve gathered together all your favourite memories and are armed with everything you need to begin, here’s how to create your own DIY travel scrapbook!

Revisit those good times

This is our absolute favourite part – looking back over all your travel photos and choosing which ones to print. Once you’ve decided photos you want to feature in your travel scrapbook, it couldn’t be easier to print them with us! When creating a personalised scrapbook, we like to use snaps of all different sizes and colours…from our pastel coloured Retro Mini Pola Prints to our Black Super Snaps! Or, if you really want to make your travel photos stand out from the crowd, why not try our Spectrum Pola Snaps? You won’t find them anywhere else!

diy travel scrapbook - print your photos


Got more than a few memories to print? Go wild with our Pola Pack – 100 Polaroid Style Prints for just £25.99.

Make your travel scrapbook awesome on the outside too!

Once you’ve chosen the scrapbook that you’re going to use to hold all your travel memories, start by covering the outside! With our Mini Sticky Snaps it couldn’t be easier – just choose your photos and stick them on. You can stick these inside too but we loved the effect of having our snaps all over our book – inside and out!

Feeling sophisticated? Our Black Mini Sticky Snaps might just be the ones for you!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your notebook

Washi tape time!

Our favourite way to stick in all our travel memories? Washi tape of course! You can get all different colours and patterns so have a shop around and choose a few different types – maybe a different pattern for each country you’ve visited?

diy photo scrapbook - washi tape in your photos

Stick some more!

As well as adding amazing travel photos, we included some extra little touches to our scrapbook. Tickets for trains, planes, and events that you’ve been to while you’ve been in different countries are all great things to stick in and make your memories complete. And, if you have things which are a little too heavy to be stuck in with washi tape (like coins!) then double-sided sticky tape works well for this too!

diy travel scrapbook - stick in your memories

Decorate, decorate, decorate

Once you’ve added in all your snaps it’s time to decorate your pages! Add dates, locations or just little notes about your favourite food or place that you visited there! We like to add personal quotes or in-jokes if you’re making the travel scrapbook as a gift for a friend too!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your scrapbook

Tip: if you want to write on your snaps, we’d recommend a Sharpie or another kind of permanent pen those notes as permanent as the memories!

…And there you have it! Your own beautiful travel scrapbook – perfect for keeping hold of all those once in a lifetime travel photos! Whether you’re creating it as a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself (because, hey, you deserve it) don’t forget to share with us @square_snaps! Unless it’s a surprise in which case don’t!

polaroid style photo idea - photo display

4 Awesome Ways To Use Your Polaroid Style Photos

One of the best things about printing people’s precious memories is being able to see how they are used – you guys sure have some awesome ideas! Sharing is caring, so we’re sharing some of our absolute favourite ideas of how to use Polaroid Style Photos with you!

Transform your workspace

Whether you’re in your uni room, at work, or just want to make your working space at home a little more exciting, this pinboard full of Polaroid Style prints is the perfect solution. We love the idea of mixing up your own board with a variety of prints too – our Summer Polaroid Style Snaps always bring back that summer feeling, and Retro Mini Polas make every board look cuter!

polaroid style photo idea 1


And, if you’re after a little inspiration in your workspace (or anywhere for that matter) then our DIY Inspiration Board has to be the one for you!

polaroid style photo diy inspiration board


Mark a big moment

Weddings, graduations, making it to the weekend…big occasions are important to mark properly! But one of the most important (not that we’re sure many of you remember your own) is your first birthday! We absolutely loved seeing this display made using our Mini Pola photo prints which goes right through from day one to one year – n’aww!

polaroid style photo idea 2 - mark big moments



Best friend heading off to university or college soon? Or maybe it’s just a special birthday coming up? Or maybe…you just want them to feel super special (like a unicorn). Whatever the reason, a personal scrapbook is always a great way to share the love. Use our Mini Snaps if you want to have more photos per scrapbook page, or go for our Original Squares for a classic look!

If you want to make your snaps that little bit more personal, you could also write on the space at the bottom of our Polaroid Style Prints using a Sharpie, making a note of all the best memories so that you can remember the date and place they were made! Or, include little inside jokes and quotes to make your friend smile whenever they look at them. Our Pola Pack also might be handy if you have more than 100 memories…and if you’re anything like us then you will! “Remember, this? Aww! Remember that? No? Well, let’s put it in anyway”

polaroid style photo idea - scrapbooking


polaroid style photo idea 3 -scrapbooking


Check out more of our favourite scrapbooking tips here too!

Travel back in time…to your travels!

Photo displays of any kind are great, but this particular example has to be one of our favourites of all time! And, you could easily make your own photo map display – this amazing one has been made with white Polaroid Style Prints with a black silhouette overlaid, but we think it would look awesome using our Spectrum Pola Snaps too! One for every country that you’ve visited would be a really great way to make a statement with your photos in your home!

polaroid style photo idea 4 - travel photos


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for how to use your Polaroid Style Snaps! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps and you might see your ideas here next time – yay!

kids photography

5 reasons you should get your kids into photography

Kids are awesome, and often their photography is too! Here are 5 reasons why you should get your kids interested in photography!

They see the world differently

This is the main reason that kids’ photography is a winner with us – because they see the world differently (literally, from a different angle). This means that those things which are knee height for you, might be eye-level for them! D’you know how cool walking around long grass can be when you’re small? It’s like a jungle!

kids photography

Image from Pinterest


They get to learn!

When kids are looking out for things to photograph it gives you a great reason to teach them at the same time. Yep, it’s just an ant…but did you know that for every human, there are about one million ants? That’s a lot of ants!

kids photography

Image from Pinterest














You can save their work easily

We love when kids bring their drawings home from school or nursery to stick up on the fridge, but with photography you can turn their photos into the magnets! Our Mini Pola Magnets are especially good for this! And since so many kids have smart phones from an early age now, they can get snapping (and you can choose your favourites!)


It makes them more creative

If your kids are thinking about how to take a great photo, they’ll be thinking more creatively – which angle will look good and who (or what) should be in the photo, for example. Yup, facts are great to learn, but creative flair should be encouraged to shine through too!

kids photography

Image from Pinterest

You get to hold onto memories

As you know, here at Square Snaps we’re all about holding on to those special memories. If you’ve got your kids snapping away too then you’re more likely to capture amazing moments…and that’s always a great thing! Then when you print them you’ll have even more to choose from! And…if you just can’t choose, our 100 print Pola Pack is the one for you!

kids photography












We’d love to see your budding little photographer’s snaps, so be sure to tag us on social media @square_snaps – and get them snapping before it’s time to go back to school!

polaroid style photo diy inspiration board

How to create your own DIY Inspiration Board

Creating a DIY inspiration board is any easy way to figure out what interests and inspires you…whilst also looking super cool! With the rise of Pinterest as a tool, it seems easy to collect inspiration from everywhere, but we like the idea of taking this offline and having a place that you can visualise your ideas as you work! (Or as you watch tv, hang out with friends, eat dinner…Basically, inspiration is a good thing – you can never have too much!)
With that in mind, we’ve created our very own inspiration board and come up with some handy hints on how to make one for yourself!

You will need:

  • Things that inspire you – your favourite photos (stacks and stacks of Square Snaps!), quotes, magazine cuttings
  • A board to pin or tape your inspirational content to
  • Pins, pegs, or washi tape – or all of them!
  • A permanent pen – for any little doodles or notes
  • Ribbon (optional) – for extra decoration
  • String (optional) – to peg up even more stuff!

diy inspiration board - tools you need

Now that you’ve assembled your tools, here’s how to get started with your own DIY Inspiration Board!

Get inspired!

Have a digital clear out – take some time and look through the photos that you’ve got stored up on your phone and computer and see what jumps out at you. If you’re anything like us you’ll have photos of amazing happy memories that you’d almost forgotten. Don’t let yourself forget again – if it makes you smile then why wouldn’t you want to see it every day? Choose all the photos that make you feel happiest. Then, get these all printed out…they will be the foundation of your Inspiration Board.

diy inspiration board - choose your photos

As well as photos that made us happy, we chose our favourite inspirational quotes and (using canva.com) turned these into cute little printable pictures. Then we printed these out too! You could also print screenshots that you’ve saved of things you want to make or do…we’re thinking cakes, cakes and more cakes. And unicorns. And cakes.

diy inspiration board - add inspirational quotes

Optional step: We used permanent pen to write on some of our snaps for even more personalisation!

diy inspiration board - write on your photos

Pin, peg and stick!

The way that you add your inspirational content will depend partly on the board that you use. We used cork which is very versatile – you can pin or stick things to it! Start by pinning or sticking your photos on, and then you can add to this. After we stuck on our photos we decided that enough wasn’t enough…so we added some string and pegged even more snaps on!

diy inspiration board - peg on your photos


Decorate your board!

If you want to add a little extra touch (which we did – even more crafty fun!) then you can also decorate the edges of your board. We used washi tape and ribbon to add in extra colour and textures.

diy inspiration board - decorate your board

Add, add, add

The great thing about these boards is that they don’t have to be finished all at once. You can take your time and add to your board whenever you see something that inspires you. Tear things out of magazines and newspapers when they catch your eye…you’ll be running out of space and needing to make a new one in no time!

diy inspiration board - pin on your snaps

What are you waiting for? Get sorting through your favourite snaps and order now! Don’t forget to share your own DIY Inspiration Board with us on Instagram @square_snaps too!

The 3 best photo apps to download right now!

We love to print amazing photos, so we’ve rounded up our 3 favourite photo apps which you can download right now! So make your snaps even more awesome than we’re sure they already are…and head on over to our site to print them!

Photo app 1 – Prisma

We reckon if you’re on social media then you will have seen some rather interesting new photo filters appear…and that’s probably down to Prisma. With Prisma, all you need to do is either take a photo or choose one from your gallery of existing photos, and you can turn it into a work of art in the style of famous artists. Ever wanted your portrait painted by Picasso? Well now you can at least feel like you have! Our favourite has to be ‘Wave’ though, which is inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai – it gives your photos a beautiful blue hue. And it kind of makes you look like a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want that? We think these would look amazing printed on our (brand new and exciting) Spectrum Pola Snaps!

Here’s our little four-legged pal to show you some of our favourite results!

0-neu-d5-eed026ba07b2bde189c11351c3067cd2 0-neu-d5-75cd5bb8ebdc34285e888aee9eae1718























Photo app 2 – Afterlight

A favourite of our lovely Photographer Natalie, Afterlight provides you with everything you’d need to make minor, and major, tweaks to your photos. This app, which costs £0.50 (and is totally worth it) offers a vast array of editing features to use on your photos. There are quick adjustment tools for changing the clarity, brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as TONS…and we mean TONS, of filters. There’s also the option of creating double exposure shots which are always a bit of fun to play around with.*

One of our favourite things about this app is how easy it is to share your photos. You can either save and download these to keep hold of them (until you have enough to print of course) or upload them straight to social media. So, save your photos and then you can print your snaps straight through our site. Clever, huh?

*Tip: We’d highly recommend making it look like there’s a unicorn walking down the street. You’ll get super brownie points if you print one of those with us and share it with us on Instagram!

0-neu-d1-e621525b3c277ae41d5cf2806dd6bc3e 0-neu-d2-1dcb50adb16c66c13c23d1ae69a86175 0-neu-d2-fccd820d0ae3b629141352e5567205cf 0-neu-d1-2c7a2abb949daef4a5b4ca828173ab17



Photo app 3 – Snapseed

Like Afterlight, this is a super easy to use photo editing app. You can only use this on photos you’ve already taken, unlike Prisma where you can take photos to edit straight away. But don’t let that put you off. Once you’ve taken a photo, this is definitely a good app to have! It takes a little more time to get used to than Afterlight, but it still has some great features. The Vintage filters are our particular favourite, and the ‘Healing’ tool is always useful for removing any unwanted redness from those all-important selfies – no more sunburn in those holiday snaps!

0-neu-d2-2ab19f86f5c56048b1b443e5ac3d9c93 0-neu-d3-0bb94c3ed48fe8b5eb137591582199aa























So there’s the roundup of our three favourite photo apps to use! We’ve certainly enjoyed using them…we’re now off to go and create some marvellous unicorn inspired snaps!


DIY Metallic Photo Hanging Display

As you guys have probably heard by now (because eek, we’ve been so excited over on Instagram…and Facebook…and Twitter), this week we have launched our brand new Premium range of Polas! With all these fabulous new products flying around we were feeling oh so creative, so we took our DIY Photo Hanging Display idea and gave it a brand new, super shiny twist! We are very happy to present…our Metallic Photo Hanging Display.

Here’s a lovely little list of ingredients that you’ll need to create your own:

    • Wire – Ours was 1mm in diameter, and approximately 2m in length. 
    • Some cotton – Like the wire this will depend on how many sections you want your display to have and, really, how long is a piece of string?! You can again use any colour you would like!
    • Scissors – to cut your cotton!
    • Wire cutters – we’re sure you can guess what these are for.
    • Your snaps – we used our oh-my-goodness-amazing new Spectrum Pola Snaps. You’re never gonna get bored of this display.
    • Bulldog clips – to clip your snaps on!
    • Pen – to (very cleverly) make your wire into little circles ready for your string to hang through.

photo hanging display - what you need


Now that you’re ready to start, here’s how to make your own in 9 simple steps:

Start snipping!

photo hanging display step 1 cutting your string

First you will need to measure and cut your string. As we mentioned above, you can have your string as long or as short as you want depending on how you want your photos to hang. We used different lengths to change this up a bit and so that our snaps didn’t get tangled together! Next, measure and cut your wire too. The same rules apply here – if you make this longer then your snaps will hang further apart. We used bronze wire to make our display super on-trend but silver or gold would work perfectly too, especially with our (also new!) Silver or Gold Polaroid Style Snaps

photo hanging display step 1 measuring your wire

photo hanging display step 1 cutting the wire



In roughly the middle of your wire, take your pen and twist the wire around it to make a full circle – this is where you will attach the string to hang your display. Then, make similar loops at either end of your wire…your photos will hang from here!

photo hanging display step 2 making loops in your wire


Get thread-y

Take your string and thread one end through one of the handles of the bulldog clip. Are they called handles? Well, you get what we mean. Then thread the end of the string through the loop that you’ve made on one of the ends of your wire and tie so that your bulldog clip hangs on the string.

photo hanging display step 3 threading your string


Back to back snaps

Take two snaps, and put them back to back, then clip them into the bulldog clip. This will mean that whichever way your display spins, you will be able to see your beautiful photos! If you want to use smaller snaps like our Mini Snaps or Mini Polas then you can get even tinier bulldog clips or pegs!

photo hanging display step 4 attaching your photos

Go again!

Repeat these steps, making as many branches of your display as you want! Go on, go crazy!

Branch off

Now you need to attach your branches to something. We chose a rustic coat hanger, but you could also use some seaside driftwood, garden cane or just simply blu-tack or tape them to your ceiling! All you need to do is take some more cotton, thread it through the middle loop of your wire and tie it so it is secure.

photo hanging display - the finished product

Dun dun dun (you’re done done done)

Voila, how easy was that? A few simple steps and you’ve got your own awesome metallic photo hanging display! And, it’s super shiny – like a unicorn has run into the room and left a trail of magic in its wake! We love how they shine when the sun hits them too – disco time!


premium range polaroid style prints

Welcome to our Premium range!

As we’re sure you guys know by now, we love to bring  you new products and ideas for your snaps – the more the merrier! Which is why we’ve formed a brand new range of prints…our Premium Range. They might just be our coolest prints yet, but we’ll let you meet the individuals below and make up your own mind!*

Spectrum Pola Snaps

These were made by unicorns – do we really need to say anything else? Probably not, but we’re too excited not to!  These snaps change colour at different angles, meaning sometimes they can be silver, or pink, or green, or turquoise, or orange, or purple. You get the picture, or you will if you order here!

We think these would make amazing Photo Hanging Displays, especially if they were hung up somewhere that they’d catch the light. Or, alternatively, just print them and stare at them for hours as they show off all their magical rainbow colours.

spectrum polaroid style snaps


Gold Polaroid Style Snaps

Add a little something special to your photos by printing them as our Gold Polaroid Style Snaps. Our 300GSM gold card stock will give your snaps that golden glow, and because it’s gold card rather than gold ink, they won’t fade – we know, it’s golden. These look amazing when they’re displayed on black paper, so all those black scrapbook pages should prepare for being goldified! We know that isn’t a word, but these snaps are so new they deserved a word just for them!

premium gold polaroid style snaps


Silver Polaroid Style Snaps

Our Silver Polaroid Style Snaps are the fairest of them all – they give a metallic silver shine to your photos which is enough to satisfy even magpies (we know because we asked). These add a little something to any snaps – they even make pictures of the beach look like the water is that little bit more sparkly!

premium silver polaroid style snaps

We hope you love our new Premium range…you can shop the whole lot here! Let us know which is your favourite new addition in the comments below!

*Psst…they’re awesome right? We knew you’d agree.