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What is Square Snaps?

Square Snaps is a simple, fast and awesome way for you to get your photos from your device into the reality of your hands or on your walls!

We're a small London-based team, but have over 25 years experience behind us in delivering beautiful printed products to our customers worldwide, so believe us when we say your pictures are in safe hands.

We offer an array of print sizes and styles to suit everyone's taste and budget. You can upload your lovely photos from any device and even your Instagram account!

How does it work?

It is super easy...

  1. You choose the size/product.
  2. Upload your photos from any device, (mobile, tablet, desktop and more ) or Instagram.
  3. Review your uploads, crop, rotate and change the number of each print you would like and make sure your image is set up and ready to print! Please check carefully! Once you have hit submit, you will not be able to change them!
  4. Review your Shopping Basket, go back, add more photos, or choose another size/product. Then make your payment by Paypal or debit card credit card, then hey presto!
  5. Your beautiful prints are on their way, hot off the press - delivered worldwide.

Uploading & Ordering

Does the size and quality of my image matter?

YES! To make sure your prints are looking tip top, the smallest image size we would recommend is 640x640 pixels. We can print smaller, but the image may appear pixelated and not the best as the image will have to be enlarged to fit our larger product sizes. It will be your responsibility to check the size (simple right click and check info).

We can't accept images over 5MB. Most JPEGs photos are around 1-3MB so hopefully you shouldn't have any issues. If yes, you can always use free online image size converts or photoshop, to reduce your image to under 5MB.

If you are uploading from Instagram, you photos would have been converted to a square image with sides of 640 pixels and a standard 72dpi resolution. There is some JPEG compression applied, but it doesn't appear to be as aggressive as that used on Facebook. All Images will be automatically sized to your printed product size. The quality of the image may vary according to the print size you choose.

How do I upload from Instagram?

We love printing photos from Instagram. It's the reason we started. You can access your Instagram account throughout and select your pictures for printing. Plus you save time as all your photos are already the perfect square size for all our snaps!

What type of image files do you print?

We print JPEGs and GIFs (obviously animated GIFs will not work when printed, unfortunately, it's not Hogwarts). Just remember iPhone or Mac screenshots are PNGs and will not work on our site.

Do not fear! There are loads of different apps, free online tools or even good old Photoshop where you can convert other image formats to JPEGs or GIFs.

How many do I have to print?

We have a minimum order on each product but once you hit that minimum you are charged per photo. For example, if you wanted to print 50 white Polaroid-style prints it would cost £18.50 (£9.99 for the first 27 then £0.37 for each additional photo). If you wanted less than the minimum you would be charged the minimum cost.

Remember if you want multiple copies of one photo, you need to manually add the number of copies you using the arrows that hover over the image on our Edit & Review Page. One image all packaged up in an order just looks lonely!

The colour looks a little different to what has been printed. Why is that?

We print using industry leading, high-quality CMYK printers, this means it uses 4 colours to make up every image you see printed. Some cameras use RGB, 3 colours, along with computer screens. So when converted, it sometimes means the contrast and colour of the image may seem brighter and more accurate and slightly different to how it looks on your screen. This is normal for quality prints, and we run daily checks and maintenance to make sure your prints are as close to the original digital image you provide as possible.

Can I select the crop or rotation of the image?

Yes! Our easy to use photo editing tools on the review page, allow you to crop and rotate your pictures to suit your requirements, and fit our square snaps perfectly!

What happens if I don't crop the image?

If you don't edit the pictures our little processing squirrels will crop your images to make them square. It is worth checking that you are happy with the square crop or you may chop off someone's head.

What paper do you use?

We use thick 350 grams per square meter silk photo paper with a single sided gloss lamination which makes our snaps tough and durable!

Can you print captions?

I am afraid we do not have the option to print text onto our snaps at the moment but keep an eye out on our website and social media as we maybe adding this soon!

Meanwhile, we, and a lot of our customer have written on the snaps with a permanent pen, you can even get specific pens to write onto glossy photo paper.

I think I ordered the wrong size pictures. Can I change my order?

D'oh! Sadly once you submit your order we start working on it and we can't amend anything.

Can I change or cancel my order once I completed checkout?

We aim to be as efficient as possible so once you have completed checkout we power up the printer and get processing. So sadly we can't amend or cancel your order.

What happens after I submitted my order?

You will receive a confirmation email confirming the details of your order.

Your lovely Snaps are then sent at warp speed through our super efficient system and we start processing your images from the digital to the physical! Using the latest in digital photo printing technology, we then print, chop, collect and pack your lovely snaps you have ordered, so your memories are ready to send out and land on your doorstep as soon as possible!

As soon as our shiny padded envelopes are shipped out by our friends at Royal Mail, you will receive an email confirming your order has been shipped and will be with you soon.

I don't like the pictures, can I send them back?

As the snaps printed are personal customised product to you we don't accept returns and can only offer refunds when the product is faulty.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept many forms of payments including Debit & Credit Card or you could use PayPal.

Can I pay in my local currency?

We take payments in GBP sterling, but PayPal will convert the payment into your local currency so feel free to shop away as we ship Internationally.

I didn't receive an email confirmation is my order being processed?

Sometimes our automated emails can be found hiding in your spam or junk folders so we would suggest you check there first.

Sometimes your payment may have come through via an eCheque.

I have a discount code how can I use it?

You can enter your discount code at the checkout.


Can I ship to a different address to my billing address?


I've submitted the wrong address details. Can I change it?

Once you hit submit, our ultra-efficient system takes over so we can get your lovely photos over to you as soon as possible. This means we can't change anything on the order after it has been printed. Sometimes we are able to amend addresses but it is your responsibility at the checkout to make sure all details are correct including address. The life of your Snaps may depend on it!

How long will it take to get my pictures?

The sooner you order the sooner we can get your images to you!

If you order today then we will aim to have your lovely photos printed and shipped out within 3-4 working days of you completing your order. Please note that during busy times this can be slightly longer.

UK Shipping: It's down to your trusty local Postman to deliver your memories by First Class Royal Mail within 1-2 working days for UK Mainland. Northern Ireland and the lovely little islands around the UK might take a few days more.

Standard International Shipping (untracked): DHL's global mail services will carry your pictures anywhere in the world. The pictures will arrive between 10-15 days after being processed.

Express US Shipping (tracked): The team at DHL take care to fly your pictures across the Atlantic and deliver them within 2-3 working days (Monday - Friday). This is a Tracked service which means you can follow its journey all the way to you.

Who do you use for shipping?

We use the lovely folks at Royal Mail and DHL to send orders to our customers.

Contact Us

I want to call you. Do you have a phone number?

We don't have a phone number for you to call, but please don't take this as a lack of interest! We are keen to help!

Still have questions?

If you can't find an answer here on our FAQs then you can always email us here.